The INSIGHT_E blog aims to be a forum for discussion of European Energy Policy and Energy Transition by the members of the Energy community and with the general public.

The blog can discuss energy matters in various dimensions:

  • Energy infrastructure
  • New energy technologies and innovation
  • Economic, market and regulatory analysis
  • Geopolitics and trade
  • Climate and environmental impacts
  • Societal and behavioral change.

This blog is open to all energy stakeholders and the general public.

Identity of contributors

Authors are individually responsible for their contributions.

In order to be able to post an article, authors must create a profile. They are asked to indicate their real name and a functioning email address.

Authors must sign their contributions with their real name.

Style and formatting

Language: The blog working language is British English. Articles must respect the language orthographical and typographical rules.

Length: 5000 signs maximum (including spaces) or no more than 900 characters.

Title: Posts should be submitted with a title.

Acronyms: The name of any acronyms must be made explicit: e.g. IEA (International Energy Agency).

Hyperlinks: The use of hyperlinks is recommended to provide sources and to refer to articles that you comment upon.

Images: Authors are responsible to use images which are freely available or for which the author or his/her organization owns the copyright.

Category and tags: Authors must design between 1 and 5 keywords (‘tags’) that can be used by readers to track all the content of the blog in relation to that topic.


Authors are asked to ensure that the data used are precise and accurate, and acknowledge their origin. Sources should be indicated by using hyperlinks or footnotes.

By contributing to the blog authors accept not to use forged or manipulated data and confirm that they are submitting an original contribution or else that they quote the original source.


The content of this blog does not reflect the views of the INSIGHT_E consortium nor of the European Commission.

The authors retain the copyright of their contributions and remain solely responsible for any contents they post on the blog.

Nevertheless, the INSIGHT_E consortium reserves the right to remove, without prior warning, any content not meeting these guidelines.