What’s Absolutely The Very Best Day To Carry On Work Interview

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No quick solutions

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  • The EU is highly dependent on imported fossile fuels, in particular from Russia
  • The EU should look to increase storage levels of fuels and develop emergency infrastructure such as reverse flows for gas
  • In the medium/long terms, energy efficiency measures have the potential to reduce energy consumption and imports
One of the points that became very obvious as we were writing the first Hot Energy Topic with our INSIGHT_E partners this week is that there are no quick solutions to Europe’s strong dependence on imported fossil fuels. While the year 2013 gave some reasons for optimism in the EU; the share of fossil fuels in the energy mix fell to a record low (77%), renewables reached a record high of almost 7% and the EU’s fossil fuel imports fell to the lowest level in a decade. Continue reading…

Ways to Composing an Educational Research Proposal

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